Brands – The three concepts


Candyking is a pioneer within pick & mix in the Nordics. The Company’s original core concept, Candyking (in Sweden known as Karamellkungen), has evolved in the past 30 years.

The Candyking concept is currently available in more than 10,000 customer locations across all geographical markets where Candyking operates. The Candyking concept accounts for the majority of total net turnover.


In 2009, the Company extended its offering to the natural snacks pick & mix category through the acquisition of Parrot’s from OLW. As a result of increased roll-out efforts in the past years, the Company has established Parrot’s as the market leading natural snacks pick & mix provider in Sweden and Finland.

Parrot’s is currently available in Sweden and Finland. In addition to pick & mix, Parrot’s offers complementary pre-packed natural snacks.

Candyking favourites

In 2013, the Company added its second niche concept, Candyking Favourites, to its offering in response to local purchase behavior in the United Kingdom. Candyking Favourites offers a selection of pick & mix sugar and chocolate confectionery sold in pre-packed tubes of varying sizes.

Candyking Favourites is currently only available in selected customer locations in the United Kingdom and Ireland.