Our business

Candyking was founded in 1984 and is the leading supplier of pick & mix in the Nordic region, the UK and Ireland and Poland. Candyking currently has more than 10,000 retail outlets and offers stores a turnkey concept that includes products, displays and accompanying store and logistic services.

Candyking’s confectionery concept and brands are Candyking, Karamellkungen, Premiyum and Candyking Favourites. In addition, Candyking is the leading pick & mix supplier of natural snacks in Sweden and Finland under the Parrot’s brand.

Candyking does not itself manufacture any of the products it sells. As a “shop-in-shop” provider, Candyking leverages on its profound category management know-how, offering an extensive assortment of high-quality confectionery and natural snacks products, customized display systems and value-adding merchandizing services.

Benefiting from centralized sourcing and marketing functions, Candyking’s flexible business model enables the Company to adapt its offering to local demand and to customize its offering to meet specific customer needs with sustained profitability.

Building on its strong supplier relationships, Candyking offers a comprehensive assortment, comprising more than hundreds of confectionery products and more than 100 natural snacks products. The assortment is continuously updated to maintain consumer attractiveness and fit the shifting preferences of customers and consumers in different geographic areas.

Candyking is since 28 April 2017 owned by Cloetta. For more information visit www.cloetta.com