As the leading Nordic distributor of pick & mix, we have a great responsibility towards our customers and consumers.

We have high demands on our suppliers’ products in terms of quality, food safety, and the raw materials and additives used.

We work to ensure high standards of food safety, our consultants are trained in hygiene and food safety and follow clear procedures for cleaning and service in the store. The suppliers that produce the products we sell must work after a recognized food standard and be third party certified.

To ensure that we, our customers and consumers can feel confident regarding food safety, samples are regularly taken from the assortment in stores for microbiological analysis.

For us it is important for everyone to feel the joy of being able to freely choose among our assortment and to know that our products are carefully selected and manufactured to high standards regarding production methods and raw materials. In order to become our supplier, you must sign and comply with our Code of Conduct, which includes the requirements we have on social and environmental responsibility.

Our Code of Conduct states that our suppliers have a responsibility to monitor the work conditions, and other parts included in the Code, of its subcontractors. This is particularly important in regards to the various materials used in our product range, including cocoa, sugar, palm oil and various snacks that are mainly produced in developing countries, where challenges concerning work conditions and environmental impact often are present.

We have also a responsibility regarding the amount of sugar in our products. We must work together with suppliers, customers and consumers to push for a balanced intake of sweets along with a proper diet in general. This is particularly important for children and young people. Our assortment include a large number of pick & mix varieties and natural snacks and our ambition is, in a dialogue with our manufacturers, to gradually over time offer new products with lower amounts of sugar and alternative sweeteners.

Our goal is to offer a wide range of products that will suit all tastes and preferences regarding both taste and ingredients, which is particularly important for different groups with specific needs and desires due to allergies, intolerances or diet preferences.

In addition to food safety, quality demands, and reasonable work conditions at Candyking and our suppliers, Candyking works on sustainability issues regarding, for example, responsible marketing and efficient transportation.

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